University of Southern Queensland Student Engagement and Open Day Events

By The University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

Key promotional products


Promotional product distributor


In April 2020, as part of The University of Southern Queensland’s overall student engagement strategy to welcome new students to the community, USQ approached Unipromo with a request to design and create a promotional product that would be practical for students to use and could easily be sent to more than 10,000 students who were studying remotely at the time.

The Unipromo design team worked closely with their manufacturing partner to create “Study Socks” in a number of eye-catching, youthful patterns and styles for the university. The anticipated quantity (7500 pairs) was delivered on time and under budget and were so popular that USQ immediately asked Unipromo to start working on designs for the following year.

USQ reported that the exclusive branded socks resonated with new students, and that a Facebook post promoting a competition to receive free Study Socks reached 3,515 students, received 464 likes and generated more than 1,100 video views.

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